I took my old VPS down by rebuilding a new one on top of it. Hee. (I have backups, but am planning to touch them as little as possible.)

I used the Debian 9 image provided by my VPS host for my OS, and am hoping that was a wise choice.

"systemd, great". I know, right?

I still like Debian. Though it seems of late to be losing more and more of the wonderful polish I always adored so about it. (So many new bugs and gotchas with systemd as an init system.)

Right now I'm just getting Subversion going again, Apache is installed and -- more or less -- ready to go. I guess I have some or all of my weekend planned out now, eh? Haha.

Oh! And also, the lady at work who I strongly suspect is utterly onto the fact that I am transitioning (I •am• seven months in at this point) commented on my skin again today. I am continually left wondering how obvious things are to her, because she seems wise to the situation.

Erin: •typing away at my desk working on some OS updates or something•
Her: •runs in looking as though she has a question to ask•
Her: Your skin is just so beautiful. do you use product on it?
Erin: •embarrassed but pleased• Thank you. Yes, a number of things, actually...
Her: I really wish I had been doing that all these years. •rubs her face•
Erin: I know, that's why I started!

I almost said something about, "it's never too late", but we got interrupted at that point. This is the second time she's complimented me, so I am beginning to get the feeling she's attempting to prompt me to out myself. (As cute as this is, I'm not ready yet, so I'll just continue to be appreciative that she's making the effort.)

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I finally took the initiative to get legal advice from a local practice for my name and gender marker changes. It wasn't as stressful as I imagined it would be, which was nice given how bad my social anxiety is. That said, I used their website contact form, not the phone, so that helped.

I'll be seeing her next week, and am hoping I can take good enough notes to follow through on all the stuff I need to do on my own. I understand it's "easier" to do all this in the state I live in than in some, but at the same time, anything to do with the court system makes me extremely nervous. (Every time in the past I've had to spend time at the courthouse it was a harrowing, exhausting experience. And one that I always wished I had put more effort into avoiding...)

At any rate, once this starts its going to snowball into a rush to get everything updated, and that's kind of exciting. Scary, but exciting.

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