This is probably going to sound dumb, but...


I wish I could have my desk inside a camping tent at work.

It would be so fun!

It would protect me from the chilly HVAC air which continually dries out my eyes and who's droughts keep my hands numb through the entire summer. It would block all but the most glaring of the incredibly bright windows that everyone insists be open 24/7, despite the fact that I can't see my computer screen while they are. It would also ensure I felt separated just enough from general work stress, noise, and arguments, though it wouldn't separate me from them in any substantial way. Just enough to feel like I could hide if I needed to. (And trust me, sometimes I need to.)

In fact, why don't I admit I actually miss our old cubicle walls we donated when we moved from our old building? Because it would have been so easy to bring in some nice sheets to drape over that and build my own little personal tech fort.

Oh well. I guess work isn't autism-friendly for a reason. If one person gets special considerations everyone is going to want something special.

"Whaaaat, Erin gets a tent? Then I want a heater!"

"Yeah, I want a mini fridge and Jolt cola!"

"What about support, we want cooler phones!!"

Sigh. Never mind, I guess.

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