i cannot even think today


the tumultuous mess i call a mind is a disaster area.

i've been struggling for almost an hour to "start working", and yet have nothing done. i can't get anything done with this racket going on in my head. and i can't stop it. (i've been trying for years to no effect.)

as okay as the Lexapro i'm taking is making me feel emotionally, it does less than nothing for the insane screaming din that passes as an inner monologue for me.

right now it is mostly just inarticulate screaming, in fact. which is usually a bad sign that i'm about to have a mental break-down. or an embarrassing melt-down, perhaps with selective mutism. or just plain start sobbing for no reason when someone asks me what i'd like to eat...

...this fun never ends. it's great.


Categories mental health, anxiety