Seven days of work left


That's it! Really!

And then I am a free woman. Free to do... stuff, I guess? Any one have ideas?

I do have a few things planned, but most of them are fairly personal and are not things I intend to broadcast here. At least not in full detail.

If you know me on Twitter you'll probably have more luck DMing me, and asking. I'm sort of tired of blog posts. I know no one reads them, and that's cool, because they aren't really worth it. (To be fair, the only time I go back and look at them is when I am trying to remember when something happened and discover that my daily journal is less-than-helpful...)

Seven lucky days, three in the office (not counting today, which is boring and yet also decidedly uncomfortable).

In other news, 0.5 mg Alprazolam tabs are pretty useless against anxiety. And I thought the 0.25 mg ones were a waste of time...

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