Name and gender marker changed


I got everything changed with the state, so I am now "officially" myself. For whatever that is worth, I suppose.

The entire experience at the courthouse was fine, and far less traumatising than I expected. With the exception of security, where I always feel like I'm being demeaned and made to remove more clothing than is necessary.

It's so embarrassing and the amount of shame I feel is palpable. This time I was so flustered and upset I left my 300 dollar smart watch, belt, and windbreaker two floors below me in security for 20 minutes, if that in any way illustrates my state of mind.

I was also the first to come through circuit court since the rules have changed in my area (or at least with that judge). She had to call a clerk to clarify to her why I didn't have enough paperwork. :)

Now for the hard part. The DMV, car titles, Social Security Administration, a passport, my credit union... this is going to take a while. On the upside, at least I won't have to update anything with my insurance company, since I don't have one right now. (Need to apply as soon as I possibly can, too.)

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