site coming down


i really can't afford to pay for hosting any more, so unfortunately this will be coming down at the end of the month.

no big loss, i have apparently not gotten as into it as i did with my wordpress blog. textpattern is... i don't know, it works really well, and it's lightweight... but it's ugly as sin, and just doesn't feel good to use.

anyway, don't look for me on twitter! i'm probably gonna just let that die as well. i'm the worst at making friends, and the ones i have made over the past year are sick of me already. that seems to happen to everyone eventually. i'm deep enough in self-loathing not to bother thinking on it too long, but apparently this is always going to happen. (it's been happening since my first real friend moved away, and said she didn't want to write me. yeah. like that.)

not sure if i will be able to afford to hold onto my domain names or not, so once i'm gone i probably am for good.

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