site's staying up for now, and Donald Trump is a piece of crap

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I traded down to the lowest-cost VPS tier I could get, and it's not the absolute lowest, but it's cheaper!

Other stuff i've been doing this week that seems pretty fruitless:

  • I tried out
    • It's so minimal it's like writing your blog posts in a console text-editor. Too rudimentary for my needs, unfortunately, it's so limited it actually makes me feel claustrophobic just opening the site in my browser, which is pretty impressive.
  • And as you can see, I'm still posting to Textpattern
    • I know I've mentioned things I didn't care for about it in the past. I'll be honest, I don't care at all for this software. At least wordpress made writing feel pleasurable. Textpattern makes it feel far too challenging, and more like a chore.
  • Struggling to get my health insurance application processed
    • I tried over the internet/phone for weeks, and end up getting nowhere for each and every panic attack I had to suffer through to try again. It's painfully obvious my state doesn't actually want to give anyone healthcare.
    • Yes, I am eligible. They're turning me down repeatedly because I recently changed my legal name, and my guess is they think I'm trying to escape alimony or something. (I'm not doing anything shady, guys. I don't have the skill for it.)

Anyway, I don't believe there is a good social media network. Facebook and Twitter are cesspools of political discourse (which I am so disinterested in, I'm almost rabid about it). I'll be fair to Mastodon they're trying to make something usable and really open/free. It's not bad, it's just a different interface to get used to. (And new friends to make.)

Oof, and Textpattern, you're so far up the top of the baddies-list, you should seriously be watching your back. Not hard to just switch over to, you know... :)

As far as good insurance goes, don't make me laugh. That's a contradiction in terms, and I don't believe it exists. The entire US American public should feel a disquieting, burning shame for how pathetically we let ourselves be treated. It's not even humanitarian, it's fucking pitycare. And you all let it happen, so congrats on being complete fools.

For good measure: fuck you, Donald Trump.

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