Oh. My. God.


Chronological order of WTF.

So three days ago, someone decided to leave the company I work for on good terms. It's fine, that happens. The only issue is that everyone think they're in charge, so this kind of silliness happens...:

2017-09-18 16:45

Hi Erin,

<So and so> recently took a new full time job <somewhere else> and will no long be able to continue as a independent sales rep.

Please disconnect his email asap.

<The Sales Manager>

Okay, no biggie, I think to myself. I'll get to that shortly, and... then I notice a second email.

2017-09-18 17:09

Hi Erin,

Could you wait just 24 hours so I can finish up the paperwork with <so and so> So at the end of tomorrow Tuesday?


<The CEO>

Well... I mean, sure, I can wait. The waffling is a little funny, no biggie. I shove this to the back of my mind for now...

So I wait until the next day, which turns into today. (I missed Wednesday because I worked more than a full day on Tuesday and could barely get out of bed. It was bad. And today I'm already suffering muscle spasms from being here at this crummy desk that's about as ergonomic as a bed of nails...)

2017-09-20 16:00

We’re set. Please forward <so and so> of the <email@address.com> emails to <some other user>, <The CEO> and me.

Please stop sending emails to <so and so>.

I didn't see this until a short time ago, so I signed into the admin panel and set his account to delete. I chose a user to transfer his data to, and that was that. Or so I thought, because I figured I would get an email reminding me his account was deleted and to set up a Google Group to forward the email meant for him to the ones specified by the Sales Manager.

Only I still haven't gotten that email. After trying twice to delete the account. It just won't delete.

Instead, I got this, from the Sales Manager.

2017-09-21 09:43

Can you please correct this? We don't want this message to go to clients who are trying to contact <user>. We want his emails forwarded to <some other user>, <The CEO>, and Me.

<Sales Manager>

Begin forwarded message:

From: Mail Delivery Subsystem
Date: September 21, 2017 at 9:36:41 AM MD
To: <someone@somewhere.com>
Subject: Delivery Status Notification (Failure)

If you guessed the account that bounced was the one I deleted, you are correct. Congratulations.

I kind of lost it at this point, as I'm working on at least two other things right now that are hugely more important than this stupid user deletion. And I'm getting called out for doing exactly what I had been asked to do, which always rankles.

Anyway, I sent a slightly annoyed email, and suddenly everyone has backed off. I literally just took a mental health day and come back to this kind of... whatever this is.

I am working on a monster stress headache, and the next person to chide me for doing what they asked me to do is likely to get either yelled at, cried on, or maybe both. I'm not even sure at this point.

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